I found this algorithm difficult to implement, so I wanted to make an article to explain how it works. This is an algorithm that is used to do part of speech tagging that takes in a sentence and set of grammar rules in Chomsky normal form (we’ll get to that) and returns all possible parses. It is named for its creators, John Cocke, Daniel Younger, Tadao Kasami and Jacob Schwartz (sorry Jacob), but the three initials in its name can be referred to by either of the two orderings indicated in the title of this article. It does require at…

Finite state automaton and regular expressions are both tools used to express regular languages, so together the three make up an inseparable trinity that can be used to find patterns.

Because this concept is a fundamental for courses in computational sciences and math, explanations and descriptions can be loaded with jargon or mathematical expressions, but the topic itself really doesn’t need to be that daunting. …

Last weekend my friend introduced me to the GIPF Project, a series of two-person abstract strategy games where the movement of the pieces mimic natural elements.

I had been wanting to make a game for a while, so I picked Dvonn, the towers game, where players stack pieces like towers and the way pieces are captured and taken off the board resembles the way fire spreads.

I was excited about digging into the game play, but I immediately realized this project would require blazing trails in CSS before I could fire up a game engine.

That’s a lot of hexagons

Getting Started

My board is essentially nested…

Working in the computer Lab

While there are a lot of articles and classes about designing and creating good code, tutorials on how to effectively read code are few and far between. This is an important skill because one of the fastest ways to level up on your own technique is to learn by example. But even if you don’t want to curl up to a nice application before bed, understanding how other people’s code works will be integral to your daily life as a programmer.

Opening up a new repo and trying to figure out how the magic is happening can be daunting, but…

When I was in boot camp I decided that an apprenticeship would be my best case scenario after graduation because they offer bigger name companies and more opportunities for continued education. About four months after graduating my boot camp, I was selected to participate in the Microsoft LEAP apprenticeship. The program didn’t result in an offer, but a month after that apprenticeship ended I was invited to an apprenticeship with Stack Overflow which I am in currently.

The difference in my experience at these two companies is so great it would be difficult for me to come up with general…

Devise is one of the most popular authentication solutions for Rails because of its strong versatility, clear documentation, and large community. However, I couldn’t find any tutorials or documentation on integrating it with React on the Webpacker gem, so I decided to lay out my own solution.

I am going to assume you can set up a Rails app with React through the Webpacker gem on your own, and that you have Devise already installed with a user model generated, migrated, and ready for action. …

Jane HW

Software Engineer | C#/JS/React| www.linkedin.com/in/janewillborn

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